Naramata is one of the most special communities in Canada. There is something about the Naramata Bench that keeps people coming back year after year in search of the perfect home. It could be the surrounding scenery that intrinsically connects residents to nature or the bountiful agricultural opportunities that exist to fulfill people’s farming dreams, whatever it is – it isn’t going away! This is a very unique community in location, size, and popularity! Keep reading to learn more about real estate for sale in Naramata!

Real estate for sale in Naramata

Real estate in Naramata is always in high demand. What we have found is that once someone discovers Naramata they have a very hard time putting it to the back of their mind! The rolling hills are postcard perfect. They stretch on as far as the eye can see, neatly winding down the gently sloping hills all the way to Lake Okanagan below.  The stunning contrast between lake, sky, and vineyard is intoxicating.  There’s no wonder why people give up everything to start a new life here in Naramata. 

Since real estate is in such high demand in Naramata the prices remain competitive. There are limited properties available due to the micro size and location which also contributes to the higher price points. Slightly over 1000 people are lucky enough to call Naramata home. The Naramata Bench is one of the best-known trails and winds through the hills on your way down to the lake bottom. There are endless wineries located along The Bench making this a very busy, tourist spot during wine season. 

Buying real estate in Naramata is trickier than in other south Okanagan communities due to the limited availability of inventory. If you’re looking for a winery, farm, or family home in Naramata then give the team at Morrison Bifford Real Estate Group a call today. We can help find what you’re looking for at a price you can afford!

Other amenities in Naramata

Schools in Naramata

School district 67 is responsible for overseeing the one elementary school located in Naramata. High school students must make a short commute to Penticton Secondary school in Penticton for their education. This is a very short commute for students as Penticton is very close to the Naramata Bench. 

Shopping in Naramata

Shopping in Naramata is mostly served through the community of Penticton. However, there is a general store located near the town center for basic items and prepared food. 

Dining in Naramata

Since there are over 40 wineries in this small enclave you can imagine the wide variety of farm-to-table dining options available. Naramata is on every bucket list for people who enjoy wine and unique dining experiences.  You simply won’t find big-box anything in this hearty community, which is another reason it keeps its appeal. While other wine regions like Napa continue to relax restrictions, Naramata is fiercely protective of its status as an untouched agricultural mecca. 

Recreation in Naramata

Naramata has a very unique location. It stretches well into the backcountry of Penticton allowing for great hiking and outdoor activities. It’s also got property located on the shores of Okanagan Lake. Okanagan Lake is a veritable playground for the summer. Boating, paddle boarding, and water sports are a given when you spend a summer in gorgeous Naramata, BC. 

Get in touch about real estate for sale in Naramata!

If you have your heart set on Naramata real estate for sale then get in touch with our real estate team.  The Morrison Bifford Real Estate Group would love to assist you with finding a home for sale in Naramata, BC. Talk to us today!

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