Welcome home to Oliver, BC! If you’re looking for real estate in Oliver then this is a great place to begin. This southern community is commonly referred to as the Wine Capital of Canada and can be found proudly located between Penticton and Osoyoos. Oliver is a beautiful community teeming with picturesque scenery. Just under 5000 residents are happy to call Oliver home year-round. 

Real estate for sale in Oliver

Real estate in Oliver ranges in size, type, and style. House hunters can easily find the home of their dreams in Oliver.  Almost everything in Oliver is slightly more affordable than what is found in the larger neighbouring communities of Penticton and Osoyoos. Even though the commute to both of these neighbouring cities is negligible. Commuters driving to Penticton are looking at a quick 38-minute trip down Highway 97S. Heading further south to Osoyoos will see you embarking on a brisk 18-minute drive. If you’re moving to Oliver from a large urban center like Vancouver or Toronto, this travel time will seem like a breeze compared to what you’re accustomed to.

There are great opportunities for homeownership in Oliver, especially if you’re considering that farm life!  Many hobby farms, farm acreage properties, and wineries can be found for sale. If it’s your dream to start a winery then this is a great community to get you involved. There are so many wineries in Oliver that it’s difficult to keep track and list them all. They range from world players with brands recognizable around the world to, small family productions.  Many vintages produced by small local outfits are perennial favourites. 


If you aren’t ready for a career change but you just want to slow your pace, then moving to Oliver is a great place to start. There are many older homes available for those looking for a quaint farmhouse renovation project. In addition, Oliver also has quite a few modern subdivisions that have been recently developed. These developments offer residents all the contemporary creature comforts expected in a new home. No matter what you’re searching for in real estate our team can help you find it! Get in touch with us today!

Other amenities in Oliver

Schools in Oliver

Oliver schools are looked after courtesy of School District 53. School District 53 oversees two elementary schools in the area including Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary and Oliver Elementary. Oliver also recently added a brand new high school to the community. The Southern Okanagan Secondary School has recently been completed and is now home to almost 500 students. This is a gorgeous new building for students to enjoy. 

Shopping in Oliver

There are several grocery stores in Oliver for your convenience. There is also plenty of fruit, vegetable, and farm stands selling seasonally grown options. Oliver has a few big-box options when it comes to dining and shopping. However, the local artisans steal the show with their unique offerings not found anywhere else. 

Dining in Oliver

Oliver is home to so many innovative wineries. As such these wineries often house some amazing world-class farm-to-table culinary options. Many forward-thinking chefs take up residence here to work with the fresh bounty that our region produces. This is a great win for any residents of Oliver who appreciate both fine and casual dining options because there are plenty of options. Of course, the usual fast-food suspects exist here as well, but you would be remiss if you didn’t get out at least once to experience one of Oliver’s reknowned culinary destinations. 

Recreation in Oliver

There are so many recreational activities in the south Okanagan community of Oliver. Getting outside has never been more enjoyable. If you’re looking to go for a car-free stroll or bike ride then look no further than the International Oliver Hike and Bike Trail.  This is a flat mainly paved pathway that winds for close to 20km alongside ponds and the riverside.  You’ll enjoy the opportunity to spot wildlife like, birds, fish, and more. 

Tuc-el-Nuit Lake is also a very popular spot for both residents and vacationers to Oliver. This picture-perfect spot is home to Rotary Beach. The beach is set up with grassy picnic areas and has a sandy beach for laying out in the sun. Since no motorized watercraft is allowed on the lake, it’s a peaceful spot to enjoy a paddleboard or swim during the summer heat. 

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If you’re searching for a quiet place to call home that’s surrounded by nature then give the Morrison Bifford Real Estate Group a call today! We would love to hear from you and help you find real estate for sale in Oliver, BC.

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