Welcome to your search for real estate in Osoyoos! Osoyoos, BC is a living desert located along the BC border of Washington State. Osoyoos is a hub for agricultural activity given its unique location and climate. There are over 6500 residents who call Osoyoos home and this number continues to grow. The climate in Osoyoos is especially unique even warranting its own climate zone called the “Osoyoos Arid Biotic Zone” which contributes to the world-class wine produced from this region. Osoyoos is famous for being Canada’s only desert. Don’t let that scare you though because this livable desert is located along the beautiful shores of Osoyoos Lake!

Real estate for sale in Osoyoos, BC

Since Osoyoos is so popular among tourists from around the world it’s no wonder that real estate is also a hot commodity in this BC border town. As such, there is a wide variety of real estate for sale in Osoyoos. Everything from bare land lakeside building lots to vacation ownership style condos can be found in this unique community.

There’s a little something for everyone here in Osoyoos. The location of where you choose to live in Osoyoos is as varied as the home styles. There are both rural and urban farm-style properties available for sale as well as mountainous retreats tucked away from prying eyes. If you see yourself settling down in this community as you retire then perhaps a high-end lakeside condo that allows seasonal vacation rentals would be great for your portfolio. 

Many people flock to Osoyoos to realize their dreams of opening a winery or farm. There are plenty of farms, hobby farms, and acreages available for sale to accommodate these dreams.  Knowing where to start your search for an agricultural property is key to finding the best value. Start by reaching out to the Morrison Bifford Real Estate Group to learn more. 

Other amenities in Osoyoos

Schools in Osoyoos

School district 53 is responsible for maintaining the schools within the community of Osoyoos. Currently, there is one elementary school and one high school to serve students in the area.

Shopping in Osoyoos

Shopping in Osoyoos sees a spotlight shone on local artisans and creators. Since agriculture and grape growing are so big in Osoyoos you’ll see many vendors showing off niche products that are complementary to the industries surrounding us.  There are at least two grocery stores in Osoyoos along with several seasonal opportunities from local farmers for buying produce. Osoyoos has all the usual big-box options available as well. You’ll find a selection of household brand name options for pharmacies, liquor, and more!

Dining in Osoyoos

The dining options in this small enclave are as varied as the housing styles. Everything from strip mall mom-and-pop restaurants to world-class culinary destinations is found within Osoyoos. The wineries make for some amazing options for local farm-to-table cuisine. Dining options are very strong in this lakeside community that is located on the BC/Washington border. 

Recreation in Osoyoos

Skiing? In the Desert? You can do that here! We told you that the climate in Osoyoos was unique but many people can’t fathom that includes snow sports in the desert. Osoyoos is home to Mt.Baldy which is the 3rd highest elevation ski resort in BC. You can also ice skate and throw the rock at the curling club during the winters in Osoyoos. 

Even though Osoyoos has some great options for winter enthusiasts we are still known as a summer destination. This is mostly due to our naturally hot climate, but also to the picturesque scenery. The hills are painted with sprawling vineyards and orchards. It’s a feast for the eyes to see the vineyards against a piercing blue sky and desert hills. There’s no other scenery like it on this planet which is what keeps people coming back for more!  

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If you’ve been considering a move to Osoyoos then get in touch with us! The Morrison Bifford Real Estate Group is here to help you get moving in the south Okanagan – reach out to us today!

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