Organizing Hacks: Tame Your Tupperware

Today we’re feeling brave, bold, and fired up to tackle one of the world’s biggest problems: 
Taming the Tupperware monster.
Sure, you can install a Lazy Susan in your cabinet, but there are cheaper and quicker ways to stay just as organized:
– Beware of Tupperware creep. Do you really need 24 teeny-tiny containers? Nope, you don’t. 
– Organize by brand. If you don’t, it’ll take FOR-ever to find a match.
– Repurpose old magazine organizers. Deep and roomy cabinets? Use magazine organizers to keep lids neat and tidy. 
– Use under-shelf baskets or hanging pocket organizers for lids. You can pick both up at Home Depot, Amazon, or Bed Bath & Beyond for under $10.
– Divide a larger drawer into smaller compartments for lids and containers. Use a mesh organizer or a piece of wood or cardboard cut specifically to your dimensions. 
Pride yourself on being an org expert? Got a Tupperware hack that’ll change the world? Drop it in the comments!
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