Do’s and Don’ts of Moving with Kids, Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Home with Kids

A surprise trip to Disney? Go for it! A surprise move away from all your kids know and love? Not so much.
Let’s talk about selling your home and moving with kids – here are our 5 do’s and don’ts!
1. Don’t make it a surprise. Be as transparent as early as possible and answer ALL their questions openly and honestly. 
2. Do let your kids see their new home. If possible, arrange a kid-friendly tour of your new home before moving day. Let them explore every part and feel the excitement that always comes with a move. 
3. Don’t expect them to be “good little helpers” on moving day. The truth is having them around will add to YOUR stress. Arrange for childcare with friends or family the day of the move — and probably the day before. You’ll be way more relaxed knowing your little ones are having a blast.
4. Do set aside their favorite things. Welcome your kids home with all their favorites – stuffed animals, yard toys, and for older kids, the new wifi password. Unpack kids’ rooms first so they’ll have a place to play while you set up the rest of the house.
5. Do plan for meals on moving day. Moving is hard – don’t make it worse by overlooking meals. Order takeout before your move to be delivered early in the day, long BEFORE you and the kids get hangry (hungry + angry).
Have you moved with kids before? Do you have something you’d add? Comment your thoughts below!
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