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What to do to get your home ready for potential buyers.


Clean up the yard
Weed garden beds
Tidy the lawn
Plant some flowers
Make any repairs that need to be done (fences, downspouts, peeling paint, etc)
Make sure people can walk around your home safely (without too much clutter, or risk of tripping on hoses or yard toys & tools)
Have a nice welcome mat
Make sure doorbell works

Make your home smell great! (Use cookies or air fresheners to add scent appeal. Just remember that there is too much of a good thing, so use sparingly)
Declutter (you may love your antique tea cup collection, but home buyers only see ‘stuff’, pack it up and store safely in your basement, garage or a rented storage unit)
Depersonalize (people need to see themselves living in your home, remove personal pictures and other items specific to you and your family)
Clean your windows
Open blinds or curtains and let the sun shine in!
Replace any burnt out light bulbs with high-wattage options to brighten your space
Make sure closets are organized and doors are easy to open
Clean your bathroom
Put on a documentary or nice stock images on your television to add interest and comfort
Do not leave dishes in the sink
Clear counter tops
Put out fresh flowers or plants to add life
Hang matching towels (clean, and new)
If you have a theme in your home make sure to tie it all together and match it through your home.
Clean your kitchen
Do your laundry (a great tip; use your washer as your laundry basket to keep dirty clothes in check)
Clean, clean clean! (Every room, top to bottom)

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